Jewelry for the best day of your life

new August 9th, 2009

What would make a beautiful wedding the best day of your life? It is definitely the happy look of the new spouses. Everything should be perfect on this day, every single detail should be done with great care and love.

The wedding ring is the essential thing of the wedding and the rest of the life. It is something you should be proud of that is why it should be chosen with great care. Robbins Brothers has launched a new collection of high class exclusive jewelry for all kind of tastes. Diamond jewelry is the perfect choice for a wedding occasion. Robin Bros became a famous brand since ..1920.

Diamond wedding rings for your girlfriend .

Skin Care Treatment

new, SkinCare April 7th, 2009

As it is spring now you have probably noticed certain changes in your skin. The hormones, the weather that is changing and other things influence your skin. If you have an acne problem, that you will be definitely “attacked” by them again and more seriously. Anyway there may appear some problems that have to be solved really quick.

Many young people even having serious skin problems, don’t pay enough attention to it. But a good acne treatment can save you skin from awful spots and scarves. Each skin needs first of all a lot of vitamins and intense hydrating. If you don’t do that permanent care than your skin can get into a really bad situation. There are different acne products that can help you to protect against those effects.

There are different products, but you should be careful and choose something that will match your type of skin. Acne happens usually to greasy, oily skin, which means you need a protection from excessive grease from your skin. It can be a special lotion or acne body wash that will clean it.

You should apply this cleaning lotion several times a day. That way you will keep the pores clean and protected from toxins.

Britney Spears looks old fashioned

new March 29th, 2009

I am looking at these pictures of Britney Spears and I am thinking that it is great that she came back on the stage and has a new album and a new Circus tour and stuff. But she looks bad I think.

Remember the times when she was very fat and unconscious. She lost a lot of weight since then, due to diets or plastic surgery liposuction. But her body is not that thin and elegant as it used to be. She has those big muscles like Pink and in my opinion it just looks ugly.

Britney Spears has a pretty face, she took out her silicone implants and has smaller normal breasts now, but her body is just not feminine I think.

I also think she should hire a different stylist, because her concerts costumes are just old school Madonna fashion style and they look pathetic. This is not fashionable at all.

In general I think people in USA have problems with fashion, they really stay old fashioned. Europe is much progressive than USA. Fashion is born here.

Britney doesn’t have cellulite anymore, as she had in the bikini picture, but she still looks unfinished. Her hair also looks bad, maybe she should try a new color, something interesting. A new haircut for Britney would be a nice choice. She should take the example from Rihanna, she is updating her style like every month. Rihanna comes out with a new haircut very often and Britney Spears has the same style since 1998.

Rihanna is always on the top, she always looks the best she can. And Britney Spears is looking like that only on some kind of VMA or stage. Did you hear that “my pussy is hanging out”, OMG that is vulgar to say.

Britney definitely should change a lot of things, because she is not up to date anymore. She is not hot and not fashionable anymore, except for american housewives perhaps.


britney spears

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Prepare your skin and hair for summer time

new March 23rd, 2009

Each hair and skin gets pale, weak and feels bad after a cold winter. During this time everyone needs a special treatment and care, in order to protect your skin and hair, maintain the beauty and the natural look. There should be different types of hair care products for summer and winter time. That is what I do – I buy special masks that will protect my hair and skin from cold and will give it enough vitamins.

All the cosmetologists and stylists say the same thing, that all the skin and hare care products should be of the same quality and from the same brand. This is important because each company chooses its own ingredients and you should try the same line of skin and hair care products. That way you can assure the qualitative care and treatment and you can easily find it on ShopWiki.

I prefer to choose ShopWiki as they have a very easy search and I always find easily what I need. It really helps when you know what you want to buy and just pickup the category that you need, for example shampoos or conditioners.

It is also very important to choose the natural products. Both skin and hair will feel and look much better and healthier, if you buy natural products. Take a look at the ingredients, there should be some natural extracts, herbal oils that really feed your skin with vitamins, that moisturize it and make it look beautiful. You will feel the amazing difference if you just try to choose only natural products. ShopWiki has a lot to offer for this category.

Rihanna Case: Stop violence Against Women

Celebrity, new February 20th, 2009

Rihanna assaulted by Chris Brown, bruises Rihanna

This is really unacceptable. How could Chris Brown do something like that to the person he loved, Rihanna. I just don’t understand why men treat their women like that. What kind of man are? Do you feel strong and self-confident after that? What a shame.

In general I didn’t have this opinion when the news came out “Chris Brown assaulted Rihanna”. There were no pictures, just different statements and variants of what happened. Even Rihanna said nothing about it. So I didn’t even think that it could be that serious. I really thought that it was just a quarrel and they overreacted and why is everyone making such a big deal about it.

All the friends of Chris Brown were saying that “you never know what really happened there and who is to blame”. But how can you say that you don’t know what was the reason, when it doesn’t even matter. What matters is that Rihanna got some serious injures from that fight. According to the Criminal Law those are at least medium bodily harm and is a serious criminal violation. More than that Rihanna for sure suffered some serious moral damages, she also had to miss the Grammys or what was the next day, she canceled several concerts too.

I didn’t thought it was that serious until I saw this picture. It is awful that men allow themselves to do something like that. It is so humiliating and devastating when a person you trust, love and who should protect you does something like that. I wonder where were the security guys, it is really strange. It’s a pity that Rihanna became one of the victims of domestic violence, but once it became public I hope Rihanna will get involved in different campaigns for stopping violence against women.

I just hope she is fine. Those bruises will dissappear and she is still beautiful and nice. And Chris really did a huge mistake. He acted just like an infantile boy and didn’t think about the consequences. But he may get in jail very easy…