Quality for your skin and hair

Beauty, SkinCare June 21st, 2009

It is summer and I have noticed new changes that happen to my skin and hair. It looses a lot of water, liquids and necessary elements. So, I consider that it needs a special treatment during this period of time. It is a totally different one than for a winter period.

Summer is a difficult time for our skin, it is getting dry very easy and needs a permanent gentle treatment with oils, natural herbal extracts and vitamins. Moisturizing our skin and hair is very important to maintain the beauty of the skin and hair. High quality products can keep your skin moisturized. This is a good measure of protection against premature wrinkles.

Shopwiki is a good guide for the purpose of finding the best products for your beauty and skin care. It is very easy to find something you need and compare it with the other products from all kind of brands. There is no need to check different stores, you can do that in the same place.

How to prevent the aging effect on our skin

Beauty, SkinCare April 12th, 2009

Everyone knows that the aging sings start to appear after 25 years. Some women even start getting older earlier than 25, due to too much stress, polluted ecology, lack of vitamins, poor nutrition and other negative factors. It is important to try to avoid them if you want maintain the beauty of your skin. The wrinkles and other spots on your skin will be easily noticed in several years, if you spend a lot of time tanning, having heavy make up and not taking care of your skin.

Each woman should know that it is obligatory to have several skin care products, that will help your skin, maintain the humidity, PH level and other indicators. For women that can already feel the aging effect on their skin, there is a special product know, which is called Resurgence. If you just take a look at that small video clip that explains you the amazing effect, you will easily understand the method of action Resurgence Products step by step.

I already described this method in some of the old posts regarding the protection of young skin from acne. This way of 3 steps action is perfect for all kind of skin, as it is offers everything needed for the skin. You can take a look at the Resurgence Previews and check the amazing, cheap offer that they have. The products are based on natural ingredients and have a lot of vitamins and natural herbal extracts, like papaya extract for example.

It is important that we try to save our skin like all the time and not only when we get old. Ugly wrinkles can be prevented now and treated. It just depends on us, if we want to stay young and beautiful.

Skin Care Treatment

new, SkinCare April 7th, 2009

As it is spring now you have probably noticed certain changes in your skin. The hormones, the weather that is changing and other things influence your skin. If you have an acne problem, that you will be definitely “attacked” by them again and more seriously. Anyway there may appear some problems that have to be solved really quick.

Many young people even having serious skin problems, don’t pay enough attention to it. But a good acne treatment can save you skin from awful spots and scarves. Each skin needs first of all a lot of vitamins and intense hydrating. If you don’t do that permanent care than your skin can get into a really bad situation. There are different acne products that can help you to protect against those effects.

There are different products, but you should be careful and choose something that will match your type of skin. Acne happens usually to greasy, oily skin, which means you need a protection from excessive grease from your skin. It can be a special lotion or acne body wash that will clean it.

You should apply this cleaning lotion several times a day. That way you will keep the pores clean and protected from toxins.

Shopping wisely

Shopping, SkinCare September 22nd, 2008

I love to share my experience when I buy something new. I love to search and find great offers and spend money only on what deserves it. It is hard to buy something without knowing anything about the product. When you see some cool apparel, it is easier. But when you search for some skin care or beauty products it is much difficult, because you have to know the effect of those products.

That is why it would be great to use a guide which will offer you exactly what you need. Something like ShopWiki. But it is more important when a website doesn’t promote only one single brand. This is what I found at ShopWIki
. They show you random skincare products, or whatever you search for, without any advertising of certain products. They just show you a lot of products and you can choose what you like.

Very often when you enter a website you are being offered only the products which were paid for promoting. And it would be great to check for those that are not promoted. So that you could choose what you like more. Using a special guide for shopping can make it much easier. You can find special offers, great sales, and new stuff. Sometimes everyone needs a helping hand for shopping, especially if it is a smart Shopwiki guide.

Dove – my favourite smell

Beauty, SkinCare August 6th, 2008

Dove company appeared in 1956, when they invented for the first time a soap with cream. That was a great success because it was 1/4 from cream and was very gentle with skin. Mainly it was created from painful skin burns, but it became very popular. Than during the clinical tests it was proven that Dove soap is really kind to a woman’s skin and makes it much better, even a very dry skin.

In general I love the Dove cosmetics and use it very often. For example I had an entire Dove cosmetics Collection. I had a shower gel, a shampoo, body lotion, soap, antiperspirant. Now I am using their Summer Glow Body Lotion for dark skin. I really love it, because it gives a natural look, comparing to other lotions which make you look unaturally with its orange color. But this one is really nice.

In general I noticed that Dove is very gentle with your skin. Besides that I love the smell of Dove cosmetics, I think they did the right choice of picking this smell.

Have you tried the latest green collection of Dove? The body lotion and the shower gel? I just love it. Amazing smell, after taking a shower you can feel this smell for hours.

So this is my experience about Dove:) What do you think?