Herbal Nutrition as the best diet

Beauty, Healthy March 21st, 2009

As it is the spring time now, every woman would like to loose some weight before the summer time. And as I am probably an expert already in diets :) I always have something to offer.

Birthmarks and their removal

Beauty, Healthy January 20th, 2009

Sometimes it happens that the birthmark is required to be removed, as it spoils the appearance or is constantly injured by clothes. But it is necessary to remember: you shouldn’t ever get rid of the birthmark by yourself : to cauterize, cut out or use any other way. The reason is that such injured birthmark can easily pass in a malignant tumor. For this reason surgeons send any remote birthmark on research to laboratory.

A birthmark – what is it?

Birthmark are developed anomalies of a tissue and meet practically at each person. The birthmark represents a congestion melanocit (the cages of a skin containing pigmentary granules – which number increases at sunburn) various degree of a maturity (from completely ripened to young and unripe).

Birthmarks appear on a skin and on mucous membranes. There are distinguished the following kinds of birthmarks by structure: Boundary, difficult, intra skin, huge pigmentation. The most widespread kind of birthmarks – a boundary birthmark which appears on face skin, necks, trunks in the form of a flat small knot of dark brown color with a smooth surface no more than 1 cm in diameter.

What problems can appear from a birthmark

The Birthmark can regenerate to melanoma (a malignant tumor) so from usual birthmarks (boundary) half of them evolves into a melanoma (the others appear irrespective of birthmarks). It is promoted by traumas, sunburn, hormonal reorganization (youthful age, pregnancy).

Melanoma sprouts in surrounding fabrics, extends through blood and a lymph. Trouble can be suspected, if the birthmark has suddenly increased, became bigger and has darkened (or has sharply turned pale), which began to become wet or bleed. There also has appeared an itch, burning or a pain, the skin round the birthmark has inflamed and has reddened. In all these cases it is necessary to address to the surgeon.

How to get rid of Birthmarks

If the birthmark spoils the appearance or is placed where it is constantly injured it can be removed in the surgical way. If a birthmark is very big, than a stage-by-stage removal procedure is made. After removal of a birthmark a fabric slice necessarily direct on research to laboratory for an exception of its malignant nature. At detection of malignant cages treatment is spent only in specialized establishments (oncological clinics) duly.

Methods of removal of birthmarks

There are used different technologies for removing of the birthmark, they are chosen by the doctor. Sometimes the birthmark is removed only, but often it is required to remove and healthy tissues of the skin.

There are various technologies of removal of birthmarks: by means of a scalpel, liquid nitrogen, electro influences (electrocoagulation), influences by the laser or radio-waves.

A classical method – removal of birthmarks by means of a scalpel. It is applied seldom enough as often leaves after itself considerable hems. In such a way usually delete flat birthmarks. Electrocoagulation – one of the most widespread ways. Electrocoagulation causes thermal defeat of a fabric round a deleted zone so, it is really painful.

Crio destruction – removal of a birthmark by means of a cold formed from liquid nitrogen. It also not the best way as the cold, as well as warmly, causes negative influence on a skin and surrounding fabrics.

Removal by means of the laser – to the invention radio wave surgeries this method was the most effective. By means of the laser birthmarks more than 2 cm in diameter leave. The method of radio wave surgery is a new method, (device “Surgetron”) demands presence of the expensive equipment, but it and the most safe way of removal of birthmarks as it does not cause burns and in the course of birthmark removal “solders” blood vessels, excepting a bleeding.

After the surgery

On a place of removal of a birthmark there is a crust which cannot be wetted within 4-5 days. It is necessary to avoid hit on this crust of creams, lotions, decorative cosmetics. It is impossible to delete a crust , it is necessary to wait, when it will disappear. When the crust will disappear, on its place there will be a gentle, pink skin which needs to be protected from the sun, putting on this place a special protective cream.

You should do it until this part of the skin will have the same color as the skin surrounding. If you need to remove a birthmark you should address to the surgeon – he will choose a way of removal and will make it duly.

Shopping for quality

Healthy, Shopping January 19th, 2009

Pharmacy on line has become a very popular thing. I personally prefer to purchase on line the skin care products, women’s health and beauty products. More than that is the website contains a detailed description, you can easily find out the information you need about the product. That is why the on line stores now are very popular all around the world. Women, who are the most spread buyers and who spend a lot of money on shopping, are also used to shopping on line for many things, including medicines.

Any product that you buy you should trust the seller. For example if you buy a Canadian Pharmacy product, this should be definitely a website that has a license, that has qualified specialists that can consult you if needed, that you can call on the hot line for free any time and put the questions you need. More than that, as there exist a lot of fake products, you should be sure that you spend your money on authentic ones.

In order to determine if the seller is a good faith one you should analyze the website. Taking as an example the same Canadian Online Pharmacy, you should see what kind of information it provides, if it has a return program, if it is a website made correctly and that will respond to all your question. Also pay attention to prices, it is great when you are offered some discount programs, but if the price is artificially low than you should better not trust the website. Don’t get fooled by too cheap prices.
Good Luck)

Care about your friends

Healthy January 19th, 2009

Do you remember how many famous celebrities dyed from drug overdose, from taking to many calming substances, antidepressants and other stuff. Our sophisticated world leaves almost no chance to many people that feel weak. And that was the problem that led a lot of talented persons to death of the cause of overdose with certain substances. Celebrities being popular persons, with a public life, are easily influenced by the negative habits from the real life.

But for the last several decades, I guess from the beginning of the 90’s, there appeared special institutions life rehabilitation centers, called rehabs. In my opinion this is the best way to save the person until he/she commits an overdose, which can lead to unpleasant consequences. It is much better that the person goes to an drug rehab or alcohol rehab program, before something bad happens. It is a well known fact that women are much easier getting influenced by the certain circumstances and they get more often in problems. Women get more easily addicted to drug or alcohol than men.

If you notice that your friend has alcohol abuse permanently, than this is a clear sign that he needs a treatment. People not always understand what the real problem is, how serious it is and they don’t want to get treated. Convincing the person to go to rehab is not that easy, you can see the bad example of Amy Winehouse, she just physically looks awful. It is obvious that she is having serious problems with her health, she is definitely having an underweight, she looks dirty, tired and very sick. She needs a treatment for sure.

Hormone treatment

Healthy December 22nd, 2008

In my previous posts I have already spoken about the hormone problems at women. It is a very serious problem, which may cause considerable consequences if not treated. Most of the people have hormone problems due to their genetics, bad feeding, not enough physical exercises and many other reasons. But anyway this can be treated.

There are many types of hormones, but usually when you pass the blood test, the doctors search for results for 10 hormones. One of the very important one is the human growth hormone, as it controls the way we grow. If it is not providing the necessary elements the person stops growing, or if there are to much hormones the person grows very tall, which is not normal too.

This problem can be noticed from childhood, that is why there is needed an urgent growth hormone treatment. Once treated the problem doesn’t bother. But if not the person remains of the tall of a child for his entire life. This decisions should be made by specialists, serious tests and searches.