Successful women

beautiful women October 21st, 2009

Successful women are those beautiful and popular women that you see on TV, read in the newspaper and so on. These women represent an example that you may want to follow. There thousands of successful career stories, but why is it always so unfair that you get everything or nothing, and to get in the first group.
I would like to analyze this situation, find key elements of a successful woman.
First of all it is probably self esteem. When you respect yourself, when you are self-confident, the attitude to yourself will be different. You will treat yourself differently, you won’t allow other people to cause you any harm, you will ask for more from yourself and from the rest of the world. That is a different stage of feeling yourself happy with who you are.
In order to adore yourself, it is not necessary to be miss America. All you have to do is work on your body, on the way you look and on your habits, character. You may have all sort of problems with health, you may not be the most beautiful woman in the world, but if you work on yourself, if you try to look better, if you make an effort there will be result for sure.
The other key element is probably knowledge and studies. I always say that it is great when you have a career, that you know what you want to do in life. A smart woman will always find what to do in life. I believe that only stupid and lazy people always wining about their poor situation. And as a positive example, I have the example of my mother, she could work and raise to children by herself. She worked on a total different profession that she had. Everyone can find a solution, if she/he is capable.
Probably one of the most important element is being independent from anyone, especially from your husband. I consider that this is probably the essential thing in being successful. f you can afford yourself anything you need, your husband will never tell you you are wrong or something. He can not manipulate you and impose you his own opinions. There will be only love and understanding between you, because you don’t depend financially on him. That is why you have to study, to work on the way you look and make your own career.

kim kardashin


New fashionable accessory

beautiful women, Celebrity September 19th, 2009

As it is a new season now, it is time to have a new accessory. Try to look at what celebrities wear and maybe you can find something for yourself. What would you say if a toy watch for example would be the latest hottest thing. Even Michelle Obama wears it and she is definitely a fashion icon. It seems a childish accessory, but you can easily match it with your own style and be look very mature.

Michelle Obama definitely knows how to pick up the hottest things, invent her own style. There is a great variety of high quality, super fashionable watches and you can choose something for yourself and look unique. According to NBC Michelle is combining both fashion and practical aspect to look great and comfortable. That is why she made her decision for toy watch.

She also has a lot of other accessories that she know how to wear. AOL Beauty & Style noticed that she always is very elegant and fashionable. Michelle never makes a mistake in what she wears, her stylists work on every piece she is wearing, but she also has a great taste herself. A lot of average women can definitely take her as a great example in everything she does.

Career or family???

beautiful women August 20th, 2009

That’s an old question and you can’t really choose one and forget about the other. At least I think it’s not fair to save only one. Once with the women emancipation and all kind of stuff, women finally understood and had the right to start their own world of talented, famous and successful women. In all kind of domains you can meet women that are very respected for what they do and not for how they look.

In my opinion it is great that the woman is not treated as a housekeeper and babysitter anymore. I mean that it is much easier to affirm in something when you have the support of you family and friends. The other problem is when women really work too much, and reserve the idea for creating a family after her 30’s. And I know cases when they really forget about having a family and raising kids. Many of them don’t feel that happy, because they missed their chances.

In order to avoid it, I think it is important to work on both sides. I mean, you should always understand that maintaining a balance is very important. But sometimes the work is so interesting that you just completely forget about home things.

I personally think that a woman deserves to affirm herself, to be independent from her husband, because that way he will appreciate her more and not let him do many ugly things as she is not depending and can leave you anytime. The other problem is that not every man would like to see a strong woman near himself.

I know that a lot of women still believe that sitting at home with kids is the best they can do. But for me that is too boring. I always want to learn something, to do something important. What do you think?

Celebrities with no Photoshop

beautiful women, celebrities, Celebrity, cellulite June 15th, 2009

Every time you look at a new photo session of a famous celebrity, you probably think – how does she keep that fantastic body, how can she stay so fit, slim, have big breasts and perfect skin? That is a question that most of the women probably ask.

The women you see in normal life are not perfect. They can’t be perfect, because in that case you have to spend half of your day in the gym and beauty salons, and the other half thinking about what kind of healthy food to it. But if you have to work, to take care of your kids, to do a lot of stuff at home, there is little time for yourself. However I don’t say that your appearance is not important, but sometimes it is hard to impose yourself to that.

If you just start to have small rules about the things you eat, and have some time for physical exercises, it will be much easier to have a start of a healthy way of living.

But this time I don’t want to talk about all this healthy stuff. I just want you to take a look at the real celebrities like Eva Mendes, Avril Lavigne, Eva Longoria and Kim Kardashian. There are two types of pictures that you can see the before and after effect of photoshop.

eva mendeseva longoriaavril lavignefotoshop4kim kardashian cellulite

That is a serious difference I may say. I try to work hard and to fight cellulite which doesn’t want to avoid me, even if I am skinny. But celebrities have a lot of money and time to do whatever they like with their bodies, and still they cannot look perfect.

Kim Kardashian I think did a smart step that she admitted she had cellulite and tried to do something with it. When that picture came out in public, she reacted naturally saying that every normal woman has cellulite.

Than Kim Kardashian was in swimwear on a cover of a magazine with no photoshop at all, and people could see how she looks in reality. So, if you really get frustrated that you can’t look that 100% ideal, don’t worry please, because it is almost impossible. Even the most famous and beautiful cannot do that. Because it is natural to have some imperfections.

Breast enhancement

beautiful women, breast enhancement, health June 10th, 2008

Women all around the world wish to have bigger breasts. Even though there a lot of men that like small breasts, this still doesn’t give the woman the confident feeling. Every young lady wants to be perfect, and due to the huge propaganda of big breasts, blond hair and cushy lips a lot of girls want to be that.
If i would want to make my breasts bigger I wouldn’t agree to a plastic surgery. Millions of women choose that, but I think that is not very safe and once you did your first surgery you will have to do it every 5 years.
I would prefer some pills or ointment for breast enhancement. I think that is more natural and safer. Many women choose pills over surgeries. Some offers are really nice, even if you consult with a doctor which can advice you what to choose.
Breast enhancement pills are better because they are natural and contain natural ingredients. This is how nature can help you get more beautiful.