Cellulite – women’s most awful problem

cellulite September 18th, 2012

A problem typical for women is cellulite. Doctors consider that cellulite is specific only to women, and that every woman will start having problems with it, sooner or later. A normal, healthy woman is definitely affected by the cellulite.
cellulite problem

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Celebrities with no Photoshop

beautiful women, celebrities, Celebrity, cellulite June 15th, 2009

Every time you look at a new photo session of a famous celebrity, you probably think – how does she keep that fantastic body, how can she stay so fit, slim, have big breasts and perfect skin? That is a question that most of the women probably ask.

The women you see in normal life are not perfect. They can’t be perfect, because in that case you have to spend half of your day in the gym and beauty salons, and the other half thinking about what kind of healthy food to it. But if you have to work, to take care of your kids, to do a lot of stuff at home, there is little time for yourself. However I don’t say that your appearance is not important, but sometimes it is hard to impose yourself to that.

If you just start to have small rules about the things you eat, and have some time for physical exercises, it will be much easier to have a start of a healthy way of living.

But this time I don’t want to talk about all this healthy stuff. I just want you to take a look at the real celebrities like Eva Mendes, Avril Lavigne, Eva Longoria and Kim Kardashian. There are two types of pictures that you can see the before and after effect of photoshop.

eva mendeseva longoriaavril lavignefotoshop4kim kardashian cellulite

That is a serious difference I may say. I try to work hard and to fight cellulite which doesn’t want to avoid me, even if I am skinny. But celebrities have a lot of money and time to do whatever they like with their bodies, and still they cannot look perfect.

Kim Kardashian I think did a smart step that she admitted she had cellulite and tried to do something with it. When that picture came out in public, she reacted naturally saying that every normal woman has cellulite.

Than Kim Kardashian was in swimwear on a cover of a magazine with no photoshop at all, and people could see how she looks in reality. So, if you really get frustrated that you can’t look that 100% ideal, don’t worry please, because it is almost impossible. Even the most famous and beautiful cannot do that. Because it is natural to have some imperfections.

How to look like Christina Aguilera, Photo Gallery

Celebrity, cellulite March 29th, 2009

Christina Aguilera looks really great this time. She looks better and better after giving birth more than a year ago. It seems like being a mother is the best character for Christina Aguilera and she finally found what she wants to look like. These days she looks very feminine, clean and glamorous.

Dating Jordan Bratman since 2002, Christina Aguilera has changed a lot. She has evolved through many inspirations. One of the very colorful was the stripper era, which a lot of people consider too dirty. Many people condemn Christina Aguilera for showing off her nudity, for being too uncovered and nude. Sometimes it even looked like a tasteless thing, like she didn’t know how to dress up and was looking really dirty.

But than, since 2003, Christina Aguilera has developed a new style, a sort of an old Hollywood, but in a new fashionable form. She finally found a hair color that will look perfectly on her and a haircut that will give her individuality. That is the almost platinum white hair, which looks very classical on her.

She also had put on some weight, but it just looks perfect on her. Christina is definitely working on her body, that is why she is not seen with any cellulite at all. Even though she is wearing short dresses, she always looks perfect.

Take a look at her style and if you want to look perfect, just try to copy her. There are certain tips that you have to pay attention on:
Tanned skin – this can be done through solarium or use a special cream that will give your skin a darker color. I tried two types of creams from Dove and Johnsons & Johnsons. The second one is better I may say.

Sunglasses are an obligatory accessory. Big sunglasses with a plastic frame can save your day. All the sunglasses can give you a celebrity look, that is why you should were them.

Makeup – you should make an overdose of making, it is just not fashionable anymore. A little mascara will be enough.

Christina’s Lips – pay attention to them. If you are a blond girl than a colorful lipstick will match you perfectly. In case you have a dark hair, than you better don’t use it. It can look vulgar. But it looks perfectly on Christina.

Work on your body. Christina Aguilera really works hard, however she is not all covered with prominent muscles. She looks very feminine, which means she eats enough, but doing some exercises at the same time. It is really ugly sometimes when women have some men muscles, it is old fashioned. A woman has to be feminine first of all and having a little fat in a normal way is ok. Just take care to avoid the Kim Kardashian’s cellulite situation :)

Christina Aguilera, Christina Aguilera fakes, Christina Aguilera nude

Christina Aguilera, Christina Aguilera fakes, Christina Aguilera nude

check out for more Christina Aguilera Photo Gallery
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Cellulite can be treated!!!

cellulite, health, SkinCare June 25th, 2008

Cellulite – a problem which affects each normal woman…
Cellulite – is forming with the time…
Cellulite – is a problem of bad air and blood circulation…
Cellulite – is a health problem…
Cellulite – is hard to remove…
Cellulite – is ugly…

All these things above make a woman dislike her body, because of cellulite. Sometimes no matter what you do nothing helps you to remove the ugly cellulite. Even skinny girl have cellulite.
Revitol is a product which is created for removing the cellulite in a natural way. Revitol is also called cellulite solution. Each day thousands of women try it and see the amazing result. Revitol producers are very strict about the quality control of the product.

You don’t have to keep a severe diet if you want to remove cellulite. The problem is in your skin and muscles. You have to make the air and blood circulate better. This can be done by Revitol , and that way to remove cellulite under your skin. The main effect of Revitol is that it makes your skin produce more collagen and elastin, which makes your skin feel younger and stronger.

Cellulite is a serious problem and if you don’t treat it on time, it may be too late. A lot of young girls don’t pay much attention, until they get over 23 and suddenly notice that they got cellulite all over their body. There are many products which can help you reduce cellulite, but you have to try the best of them, the products which you can be sure of its effect.

Revitol is the cellulite solution which can bring your legs and thighs, the perfect look without cellulite. You won’t feel ugly about your body anymore, because Revitol will naturally remove your cellulite.

Many women think that once they have cellulite there is nothing left to do about it. But it is not true. It doesn’t matter your age, if you are a healthy normal woman you can remove cellulite, you can be beautiful, attractive and sexy. You legs can still look amazing, it all depends on what you do and how.

Cellulite proglem

cellulite, health June 12th, 2008

Every woman has a tendency to have cellulite. This is typical for us. Sometimes even working hard in the gym doesn’t help. The cellulite is still forming every day getting worse and worse.
I have tried a lot of things to remove cellulite. Even I am practicing sports all the time, and my weight is about 43 kg, I still have cellulite and it is hard for me to remove it.
There is the last method which you have to try after all your diet and sports. It is the massaging of your problem zones which have cellulite. You can go to special massager, but the important thing is that he should make your cells burn up the cellulite. Usually by using different ointments, creams, we can stimulate the burning of cellulite. For example Revitol is one of the products that can help and is at a high demand on the market at the moment.
Revitol helps removing inches from your legs and exempt your from cellulite.