Why do they like to wear the same dresses?)))

celebrities, fashion, Gwen Stefani, nicole richie, Nicole Scherzinger, rihanna, Shopping April 6th, 2008

Have you noticed that many celebrities do such mistakes. They were “someone’s” dress:)) I wonder why? don’t they have stylists that have to be informed about everything. What happens if two celebrities would once come in the same dresses at the same party. Maybe sometimes they should watch some TV, or read on the internet, and shouldn’t make such mistakes because it looks stupid.

rihanna, nicole scherzinger,
Classical example Rihanna wore this dress, than in half a year Nicole Scherzinger decided to put it on.

nicole richie

Nicole Richie wore this dress couple of times, thats not so awful)


I don’t like this dress, Don’t understand why Beyonce chose it.

mary j blige, kalie minogue

Kylie doesn’t look good in such colors. She looks pale. Mary j Blige looks better.

mariah carey, naomi champell

Both Mariah Carey and Naomi Campbell look bad in this dress.

christina aguilera

I dont like it:)

paris hilton, lindsay lohan

These two friends Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan, probably did this on purpose.

one word – awful

the same

dita von tes, hillary duff

the same

fergie, hilarry duff

the same, what’s wrong with them?

gwen stefani

gwen stefani looks cool, she is the most stylish celebrity

lindsay lohan

it’s ok)

reese witherspoon, kirsten dunst

bad choice

rihanna, minogue

I’ve mentioned Kylie doesn’t look nice in such pale colors. She is white!!!


no comment

< a href="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_YVD9Y9-DQvw/R-_kmHWnl9I/AAAAAAAAAZY/6AFK_-17gmQ/s1600-h/6ajac0m.png">This one is ok) Jojo looks good

Fashionable bracelets

fashion, Shopping March 28th, 2008

I love shopping, and I try to spend time shopping useful stuff. I like to watch fashion TV, and analyze the new collections from fashion designers. And than apply it when you are shopping. Sometimes you can find great ideas, which you can use in practice and be a very fashionable lady. You can be the first to use the latest tendencies.
Guess what I found cute little bracelets in a shop, which seemed to me being very elegant and nice. There are different types of QRay bracelets, from different material, like gold and silver, but each item is very cute. They can be very well combined with elegant style. There is one item which I mostly liked, with red points; I think this is a very good idea, to wear it with a working suit, to go to work, with some shirt and classic black or grey pants. This bracelet brings an elegant but at the same time brilliant luxurious glamour to the elegant style. Even if it looks simple but you know that saying, what is simple is perfect. I like this collection, I think shopping something like that is a good choice, I would like to have such a bracelet, which represents a good taste in fashion.

Nail design from CRISTINA

fashion February 20th, 2008

Crisitna is my colleague from university. She made great nail designs for me, and also for other girls. But firstly she went to some special courses were she was taught about nail art. Now she is almost a professional, and can make anything you want. I told her that it would be great to create a blog for her were she could show what she is doing.
Check it out here LINK

Gianfranco Ferre – is dead

died Gianfranco Ferre, fashion, Shopping June 18th, 2007

Gianfranco Ferre died this night at the hospital in Italy. The doctors were fighting for his life but couldn’t do anything. At his age of 62 he had two heart attacks and had health problems which cuased his death. Ferre was taken to the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan on Friday after a brain hemorrhage.

Ferre started his career as an accessories and jewelry designer, and then moved on to clothes.

His unofficial title as Italy’s architect of fashion came thanks to the degree in architecture he obtained in 1969 from Milan’s Polytechnic Institute that inspired his designs.

He started his own company in the mid-1970s, but his major leap came in 1989, when he was tapped by Bernard Arnault to be the top designer for Christian Dior. At the time, it was almost unheard of for a non-French designer to head the venerable Parisian house.

Ferre stayed on at Dior until the fall of 1996, when he returned to Milan to tend to his own men’s and women’s collections.

Ferre’s style was based on simple and structured lines, and the white blouse became one of his trademarks. His sophisticated suits were worn by businesswomen around the world.

In 2002, Ferre sold Gianfranco Ferre to It Holding, but he stayed on as creative director.

Born Aug. 15, 1944, in Legnano, in northern Italy, Ferre worked and lived in India for several years. His passion for travel and world cultures was often reflected in his collections.

Ferre was known both for his womenswear and his Fourrures furs line.

He was big in Italian fashion in size as well as standing. The portly, bearded and bespectacled designer wore trademark three-piece suits – a world away from the older Giorgio Armani’s clean-shaven, trim looks and T-shirt and jeans image.

“I always observed his work and particularly admired him for his coherence and the intellectualism and artistry upon which he based his fashion philosophy until the end,” Armani said in a statement.