Sports at home

fitness October 27th, 2009

If you search for a training program, but you don’t really have that much time to go to the gym, you may practice at home, or just go jogging. But for this you will still need good sports wear. I consider that if you want to practice and feel comfortable you should by yourself some qualitative sports wear. Something that will fit you, for example I would prefer very short shorts, but I feel shy wearing them, so I wear some shirts that cover my ankles and they look really nice.
The t-shirt is also very important, I prefer the shirt that covers less the surface. So that you won’t feel uncomfortable in it. But what is essential is the running shoes. If you have some random running shoes you may feel really heavy. The running shoes should exactly fit you foot, they should be easy and made in such a way that they would create the maximum comfort. Even though they may look the same at the first sight, but the running shoes are different. Each person can find a style that will fit him best.
If you like jogging you should also try the pedometers and heart rate monitor. These things will help you to appreciate the distance that you passed, the way your heart feels and how hard it works during the physical exercises. This will make your training more interesting, you will easily notice the results and will be inspired for new exercises.


fitness, shaping July 2nd, 2008

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fitness, health, weghtloss June 18th, 2008

Every person is probably less or more affected by the way he looks. More and more people everyday “work on their fitness” to obtain a result, to be beautiful, sexy, healthy and attractive. It is great that being healthy, sporty is so popular among people. Finally there is a purpose of having a healthy population. Try Hoodia and get healthy.

By promoting sports on Television people pay attention on how a sporty body should look. This means muscles everywhere, no fat or cellulite. A perfect body is promoted. The main idea is that fat people are not so healthy. Fat people need help to be healthy. Everyone would love to have a perfect body. Try Hoodia and get healthy.
Women buy everyday more and more products which can exempt them cellulite, fat and other not so pleasant stuff. Young people prefer more to go to the gym and work on their abs and thighs. This is great, people need sports and healthy way of living in their lives. Because only that way everyone will be healthy and beautiful. Try Hoodia and get healthy.
Hoodia Chaser is a product which will help you to loose weight, to establish your metabolism in a normal rhythm. Hoodia is considered to be the best choice for a perfect ideal body, and is the most popular product for weight loss. Hoodia will help you to loose weight and get the body you have always wanted. Millions of people Buy Hoodia each year for weightloss.

Cellulite and how to get rid of it

cellulite, diet, fitness, health February 18th, 2008

Cellulite is one of the main problems of a modern woman, everyone wants to get rid of it. The problem is that cellulite is forming when there is not enough circulating air and blood in your body. This means when you don’t practice enough physical exercises. That is why a diet is not enough to loose weight, because cellulite is starting to form everywhere, leg cellulite, stomach cellulite, back cellulite etc. In order to get rid it, practicing physical exercises is not always enough. You have to make something else like the following:
- go to a swimming pool, the water makes a great massage to your body and cellulite is destroyed.
- go to massage sessions, this also destroys cellulite.
- russian have a habbit go to “banya” which represents a room with a very high temperature like 50 degrees or more, you stay in that room for couple of minutes and than jump into the swimming pool. This process also destroys the cellulite cells and is good for training your heart.
- use special creams and gels.

Due to the fact that there are a lot of products which help you to remove leg cellulite for example, I ‘ve chosen some of them which I consider that are efficient in fighting cellulite.

There are also special pants which help to burn cellulite, they can also be used at shaping lessons. They close up the pores and cellulite is coming out through them, by sweat.

Here are some DVD about how you can get rid of cellulite.

Good Luck, I hope you won’t have cellulite anywhere, no cellulite on your legs, stomach or hands :)

Weight Watchers

fitness, health, weghtloss February 8th, 2008

It became very modern nowadays to have a certain plan for weight loss, for a program of physical training and special diet. I have seen some TV shows were some people which suffer from overweight are being help by some specialists. These specialists create a special program for each person. This plan consists of necessary exercises, which are selected independently for a person, and then they choose a special diet, which should be full of vitamins, proteins and fewer lipids. It