My Yogurt experience

Cooking, food, health May 24th, 2008

It is considered that yogurt is helping your body with its acid bacteria the digestion of the food. It also eliminates the toxic substances, if you are smoking for example, or you had a party last night and don’t feel really good. Dairy products are also good for some of people that want to loose weight, But not for everyone.
So I went to the market, and noticed this yogurt, which was not like the rest of yogurt. It has no fruits and sugar. I thought this would be the perfect thing for a lite super. Even though it is not so tasty, it is so acid. But anyway i hope it is useful. i have also made a mushroom sous and added some of the yogurt in it instead of cream. Do you think the yogurt with no adding in it is healthy?

How to eat pizza and not to get fat!

Cooking, food May 21st, 2008


This time I am telling about how to eat pizza and not to get fat. I love pizza very much, even though that in my town there are no places that make real good pizza, i like to make pizza at home.
I think making pizza at home is not so expensive as if you buy it. And you can choose what to put in it. I prefer to put all kind of meat, salami, cheese, bulgarian pepper, a lot of tomatoes and many other things. My secret from not getting fat is to make a skinny dough, and less cheese. If you put less cheese than your pizza will contain less calories.
This is my pizza in the picture. I hope you won’t get fat from eating this tasty type of food)

How to eat pasta and not to get fat

Cooking, food May 6th, 2008

How to eat pasta and not to get fat?
This is a huge problem for modern women and not only. A lot of people like to eat pasta, because there are so many varieties of recipes, like tomatoes sous for pasta, cheese, meat sous, mushrooms, vegetable sous and many many others.
Pasta in general is pretty healthy and contains a lot of good ingredients and other substances which are good for your body. But only real high quality pasta is good. Everyone is wondering how italians eat pasta at least once a day, and they don’t get fat from it.
Not long ago i found a secret. First I would like to mention that when I eat real Italian Pasta it tastes differently, than our local made pasta. so the secret is that they eat dry pasta (durum). Is made from hard class flour, dry pasta can only be made from durum wheat semolina flour. This is not first class flour. You can make the difference by just looking at pasta. The durum class pasta is darker, more yellow, and the first class flour is lighter, it is a light yellow color.
So why is this pasta so much better than first class pasta? The durum class pasta is better received by your stomach, it is not so heavy, and the stomach works it much better.


Cooking, food May 3rd, 2008

How I made a homemade pizza…
I love to eat pizza a lot. But there is a problem, in my town there are few places where they prepare pizza, but I don’t like it. I am not sure how they prepare it firstly, and secondly they just don’t know how to make a real pizza.
That’s why i often make a pizza myself at home. This is very simple. I prepare the dough or buy it. Than put some tomato’s paste, than mushrooms, salami, tomatoes, egg and cheese. You can actually put whatever you want in it.

How to make a pie, very simple

Cooking, food April 20th, 2008

I love to bake pies, different type. Because they are easy to make, I don’t like t buy them in the shop, because they are not so healthy and natural and I don’t know how they prepare it.
My favored pies are the fluffy pies. Which are made from a lot of eggs.
The pie from the picture contains walnuts.
The ingredients:
3 eggs
2 cups of flour
1 cup of sugar
1 cup of milk

Method of preparing: you can actually put anything you want instead of walnuts, like any gem, fruits etc. So the method is very simple, firstly mix the eggs with sugar and soda. Than add the milk and mix very good. Than add the flour and mix, when its ready put the walnuts, and put it in the oven.
After 30 minutes the pie is ready and very tasty. Good luck)