About Female Viagra

health, love, marriage January 19th, 2008

female viagra for womenI heard about such thing like Female Viagra, not long ago. And it interested me so much. It is good that women also have such an opportunity to use some meds to make their sexual life better.
Such women that are married for a long time, as well as men, it becomes difficult to have the same sexual activity and power as those days. Something should help them. But I don’t know which are the side effects of viagra, maybe someone can tell me more about it. I know one thing that it can be herbal and medical viagra. I was searching for more information about female viagra on Yahoo Answers, here are some ideas that I found:

Yes we can and yes I have! and it was really good although it left me worn out … or should I say all shagged out! but it was really good and I would recommend it tee hee!

Is there such a thing? If so is it just for older woman?? I am 27 and have no sexual drive whatsoever. It is really putting a strain on my relationship!

It doesn’t have quite the same effect on women. Although it does increase blood flow, its not targeted to any particular area, so although she may experience more sensation in the genital area, she may also be very flushed in the face.

35 yr old female. mother of 1. always had a hard time orgasming (from the time i had sex until now). i’ve tried everything. been with my fiance (on and off ) for 14 years. couldn’t be more comfortable. help!!!!!! nothing seems to work, seems like i just don’t get enough stimulation or something. * 7 months ago * (Tiebreaker) 7 months ago I have explored as far as masturbation, but even that seems to be very difficult. i can do it, but it seems like it takes so much time and effort most of the time i don’t bother, what’s weird too, is i would consider myself to be very sexual and i have no problem getting turned on, it’s just reaching that climax

Psychologists recommend for women who have trouble with orgasm to try masturbation in order to explore your body and find what parts of your body respond to what stimulation. It even sometimes helps for your significant other to help you with it. Hope some of that helps you! If not, you might also try counseling.

I heard about a new pill that rocks female worlds at bed time.. they say it really does wonders.

When is the perfect time to get married?

love, marriage January 12th, 2008

According to some statistics more than a half of the newly married couples plead for a divorce in a short time. Today I found out that one of my aqcuaintance divorced only two months after marriage. Even though he got married being 26, and they were dating for a long time. Another friend of mine, was 23 when he decided to get married with a student, young girl. He had a good jog, great salary and thought he was ready for marriage. A year later they also divorced. And there are so many stories like that, which make me very very sad. What made them to divorce? What happened is pretty simple, they just couldn’t find the same language, don’t fit together.
After such stories I presume that living together before marriage is a small thing, which can exempt you from divorce. You don’t depend on your partner, you don’t have any legal obligations. All you do is live together and have fun. In fact being in such a situation doesn’t mean that it is different from marriage. It’s not different from marriage. You both are doing all the same stuff as a married couple, even sometimes having a commune budget. But still it keeps some essential difference from marriage – you can easily break up, and there is no need to complete any documents, to wait for a legal official divorce and so on. You just leave.
A lot of men prefer this “living together” to marriage. I suppose that many of them would be happy not to get married at all. Probably because they always leave a chance for another situation, for another woman perhaps. I don’t really know what they think, but sometimes it may be very offensive. Women behave themselves totally opposite. They are searching for one single man (most of women). If you found the perfect man, you are not thinking about any other in future, you don’t leave any chances and “opened doors”.
I’m living with my boyfriend together for 1.5 year. We are not married, and I wonder sometimes and ask him “is he leaving the idea of some other girl in his life, if not than what is he waiting for?”

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