Shopping easily

Shopping December 18th, 2008

As winter holidays are coming I decided to buy some presents for my parents, my brother, and my boyfriend. I decided to shop for some apparel for them, as it is very cheap now with all those sales, so I got some pretty good offers. I think presents should be useful, it very pleasant to receive such a present. As usually I shopped online. This is my favorite way of shopping as don’t waste much time and just in 10-1 min got some amazing presents for Christmas.

That was possible to make with ShopWiki. It is very easy as there are presented a lot of brands and you can choose what you prefer. It is convenient because you have the possibility to choose, as there is a great variety, of running shoes for example. Comparing several items you can select the most accessible and qualitative pair of running shoes.

It is comfortable to shop for goods in a place were there are several brands. ShopWiki offers a great variety of brands and makes your shopping very easy. I prefer to have the possibility to choose, to be offered great sales, and high quality.
I hope you all can find the presents you want and buy the for the best prices:) I wish you Merry Christmas) and all the good things.

Fall Shopping – all girls united :)

Shopping November 17th, 2008

I haven’t published my shopping category for a long time. Now I have couple of things bought during this time which I would like to share. As usual I prefer the winter boots, black and whiteonline shopping. I consider that it is the best way, the most easiest and comfortable, and time and money saving way.

As it is winter coming I decided to buy stuff for winter. So please take a look and say what is your opinion about the following things I bought.

Black and White boots. I bought them at the end of August, beginning of September from Ebay. I didn’t even know that this color is going to be so in vogue at the moment. Somehow I got the right choice. Now you can see a lot of women, girls wearing this color shoes, bags and other stuff.
I haven’t worn them yet, as they are very warm, for winter time and snow. At the moment it is not that cold. I am really waiting forward to wear them. They cost about 30$.
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Fashion buyer

Shopping October 22nd, 2008

I never thought that there is such a job like fashion buyer. Who could suppose that someone can pay you for shopping, for having a good taste of fashion, for knowing and following the trends. This can be really interesting. Because there are so many people in the world that need the help of a designer. That want to be stylish and by fashionable clothes but don’t know how to do that.

So there is such a vacant job like fashion buyer or fashion designing. And anyone who has a good sense of style can try it.
I think it is important to improve the education in fashion. Starting from young people, students, even grown ups, parents need some help. Now, when there is such a great variety of clothes, designers and trends you may get confused from it.

That is why sometimes you need a qualified person who has a good sense of style for sure. Because you can make a wrong desicion and waste your money.
It is great when you are buying something and you know it is perfect, but sometimes you just don’t know how to act. That is why a fashion buyer is a contemporary in a great demand job.


new, Shopping October 12th, 2008

It’s time for preparing for Halloween! Kids all around the country are already thinking which will be their costumes for the Halloween night. It is important to choose the perfect Halloween costume, the best mask.

I like this holiday because it is a lot of fun. Halloween is different from other holidays, because you have to prepare a special costume and make up, which is a lot of work. Each year you have to be a different character.

Once I was thinking about my costume for weeks. I didn’t know what to wear, and in the end I just bought some black skirt and shirt, and made myself a very dark makeup, so I was a kind of ghost or something. It was in school.
My class actually was always planning something for each holiday. We were decorating the hall of the school and were meeting all the people in the morning with no light, only candals. It was really scary and a lot of fun.

Shopping for new Ideas

Shopping October 3rd, 2008

This time I found a very cool fashion thing, which was never used enough. This is the urban theme, creating clothes in the urban style. I have seen couple of designers collection in urban style, but there was never enough of it. I think this is a great idea and can stay fresh all the time, this cannot get old. Urban style contains in it itself the hip hop clothing culture, indie clothing and many more.

I found pretty things at . This is what I call urban style. Women’s clothing in urban style is really cool. What I mostly like about it is that they use natural fabrics, and a lot of colors. The print is always very difficult, contains a lot of elements, I may say complicated.

Men’s clothing is also perfect. The urban style is actually brutal in a way, that is why men fit it perfectly. also works a lot on finding new fresh, independent, with their own vision designers. Nowadays people copy each other. To find someone really talented is hard. But there is a need of independent visions on urban style, on clothing and fashion in general.

I checked on the sale items and found couple of things which I liked a lot. There is a t-shirt with the globe like an ice-cream that is a pretty cool graphic t-shirt.