What would I do to loose weight…

health, weight loss pill August 12th, 2007

I will describe different methods and products that can help to loose weight.

Most of the people usually advice to try a diet, when you want to loose weight. Or try to spend more time on physical exercises. But there are people that can’t loose weight by these simple methods. This means they should be treated, because their overweight is an illness. Every year people spend millions of dollars on different pills and surgeries. It is very hard not to get lost into this whole problem. That is why it is better to get a consultation with a specialist. And instead of choosing a surgery maybe it is better firstly to clean your body by using different natural medicines. So let’s get it started.

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overweight, weight loss pill March 11th, 2007

The term overweight is generally used to indicate that a human (or other mamal) has more body fat than is considered useful for the optimal functioning of the body. Being overweight is a fairly common condition for many people, especially those in developed nations where food supplies are plentiful and lifestyles often do not involve a lot of activities that generate caloric expenditure. Recent studies have indicated that as much as 64% of the adult US population is overweight, and this number is increasing.

You may very well not be overweight! Society across the Western World is obsessed with being overweight. There is a marked prevalence for women to perceive themselves as being “fat”. (15% less men than women generally consider themselves as being overweight.) Fat tissue is a vital component of the human body.

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It stores energy, provides thermal insulation and forms a protective layer against damage or impact. The media is constantly driving the “You are fat!!” message across our television screens, computer screens, newspapers and radio programs. Hardly a day goes by without a “lose weight/you are overweight/diet now” message being rammed down our throats. Dieting is a multi million dollar industry.

Obesity is defined as excessive body fat usually measured as 30 pounds or more over ideal body weight or a Body Mass Index of 30 or more. Another obesity definition is being 20% over your ideal body weight. These are inherently nebulous statements as each one of us is genetically different and our body structures vary. In excess of 20% of Americans exceed their ideal body weight and by this definition are obese! Prejudice, bias and peer pressure contribute to the misunderstanding of obesity.