Beauty, Healthy October 10th, 2008

These couple of years the haircuts change like every season. Celebrities bring to us new styles and each wants to be the one, most original, to look better and fresher. So if you want to keep in touch with fashion, and to have permanently cool hairdo you should change your haircut each 3 months.

I like to change my hair, but not very radically. I still keep my natural color, even though I am dying it once in couple of months. My natural color is dark brown. I am not used to short hairstyles, but I like the way Rihanna changed herself from long beautiful hair, to very short ones. And the same as Victoria Beckhem. I prefer the long hairstyles. Like simple long hair, or with curls. In fact you can make so many hairstyles when you have long hair.

What is most important is to have healthy hair and skin. That is why I prefer to take a lot of care of my hair, to use special shampoos, haircare balms. You shouldn