new, Shopping October 12th, 2008

It’s time for preparing for Halloween! Kids all around the country are already thinking which will be their costumes for the Halloween night. It is important to choose the perfect Halloween costume, the best mask.

I like this holiday because it is a lot of fun. Halloween is different from other holidays, because you have to prepare a special costume and make up, which is a lot of work. Each year you have to be a different character.

Once I was thinking about my costume for weeks. I didn’t know what to wear, and in the end I just bought some black skirt and shirt, and made myself a very dark makeup, so I was a kind of ghost or something. It was in school.
My class actually was always planning something for each holiday. We were decorating the hall of the school and were meeting all the people in the morning with no light, only candals. It was really scary and a lot of fun.