epilaiton, hair removal Epilation (Hair removal) has always been a very delicate topic for women. That is because this is a secret thing in a way, which every woman has to do sometimes.

Most of men don’t like hair on a woman’s skin. They prefer to have an ideal woman, and they rather not no that you have hair in some places on your body. But the truth is that we all have hair and we all have to remove it by using different, sometimes even painful methods.

It is great that men don’t have to worry about their hairy thing. But we suffer from it all the time. Hair growth is determined by special masculine hormones like testosterone. The more you have testosterone in your blood, the more hairy you will be. Some women even have serious problem with that and they may face serious problems including hair growth.

Epilation (hair removal) represents an ultimate way to remove undesired hair.

I will describe several methods of hair removal which I tried myself.

epilation, hair removal1. shaving:) this is the simplest method of hair removal. But the effect lasts about 1-2 days maximum. The hair becomes rougher and grows faster.

2. wax – I didn’t try it, because it is very painful. But my friends described it as something awful, but the effect can last for 2-3 weeks. If you go to a specialized beauty salon they will make a better wax epilation for you, than the one you can do at home.



3. cream hair removal I tried it. It is very comfortable, but the effect is the same like after shaving. It just the thing that the skin becomes softer and the effect can last 2-3 days. But there exists a possibility that the hair may grow inside the skin. I don’t know how to explain that, but the hair grows under the skin and it doesn’t look really nice. Only surgery may remove it.

4. Depilation with an eletric epilator – it is a little painful, but I like it, because it maintains the effect for about 1-2 weeks. The same risk as with cream hair removal – the hair can grow inside the skin. That is why you have to shave it once in couple of weeks.

5. Electric hair removal. This is typical for beauty salons. They epilate each hair in partial. It is painful, very painful, but the effect is like for ever or at least 10 – 15 years. Which is great I think. I tried it, it really works.

6. Photo epilation or laser epilation
. These two methods are similar. I am not sure that they last for ever. I tried them, and the hair was still growing.

My favorite method is the nr 6 – electric removal, even though it is the most painful one.

Ok, I hope you like my hair removal advice. :) take care!