Nicole Crista Crista Nicole
Miss May 2001
Playboy Playmate Pic and Data Sheet

BIRTHPLACE: Ohio United States
BUST: 34″ C
WAIST: 25″
HIPS: 35″
HEIGHT: 5′ 9″
WEIGHT: 125 lbs

Nicole Crista was born on June 24, 1978. She is a model and actress from United states of America.
Her native town is Springfield, Ohio.

She used to be very beautiful since she was little, and all the attention was on her. Nicole Crista was pretty smart at school, but she always wanted to have all the attention orientated on her all the time. Her blue eyes were attracting boys like honey. But she wanted more, she wanted all the world to know her. That’s why she decided to focus on her beauty.

Comparing to other playmates, Nicole Crista was more natural in a way. Because usually they look like dolls, they look the same. If you notice, Nicole Crista’s hair color is not white blond, it is a more natural color.

Nicole Crista was a Playmate in 2001. She still is being very popular and well known by the audience. Everyone loves her. More than that she keeps her beauty.

Nicole Crista is famous for winning several Bikini contests, like National Bikini Contest in 2000 and Hawaiian Tropic Bikini Contest in 2001.

After this success she was offered by Playboy to become one of its models, and in 2001 she was a playmate for May.

She was very happy to find out the news. Because that was exactly what Nicole Crista was dreaming off. So they did a great job, and made some hot sexy pictures with Nicole Crista. The world was amazed by how good she was looking on them. Nicole Crista was definitely a successful choice for Playboy.

Nicole Crista Nicole Crista is an amazingly beautiful woman. She is very natural, but at the same time fits the conditions of a blond beauty.

She has such an innocent look that noone could resist her. Her blue eyes make everyone adore her.

I may say she is one of the best Playmates of all the time – one of the best.

Because most of the girls they look the same, they have the same haircolor, the same style. But Nicole Crista was looking very good and originial. She had that provincial but still cute look and style.

That is why everyone adored her when she appeared. I wonder what is she doing now. I hope that she appears on some cover of any magazine, after 7 years. I hope she didn’t change.

On these pictures Nicole Crista looks like a 20 year old girl, very fresh and young. I understand why she was so popular. She really deserves that, because she looked amazing.

Have anyone seen the pictures from the latest Playboy Halloween party? I will try to find it and post.