Plastic Surgery

Beauty, Healthy November 10th, 2008

A lot of celebrities have plastic surgeries. Most popular are breasts implants and rinoplastika. Every year there are millions make plastic surgeries. It seems like it became a normal thing now to change something in your face or body if you don’t like it. We take example from them, it is what we want to look like. Sometimes the results are not so good as we want, but why there are so many people that still want to assume that risk and make the surgery anyway.

I think it is normal to have a plastic surgery when you want to change a defect in your body for example. I know a lot of women that would like to change their noses because they are to big. I love my nose, it is small, I wouldn’t change it. But there are people that need it. Another thing which I consider ok, is antiaging surgeries. When a woman gets older she needs some lift up surgeries, or botox maybe. She still wants to look good and that mini operation can do that for her. Some small cosmetic surgeries are not so noticeable but they change the look in a better way.

I don’t blame people for making plastic surgeries, I think it is normal as long as you keep looking humane. You shouldn’t exaggerate with this, because it is believed that once you have started you cannot stop yourself from wanting to change everything. But having small changes is ok, because each of us wants to maintain the beauty for ever. Cosmetic surgeries are can change you, so that you can feel the best about yourself.