I haven’t published my shopping category for a long time. Now I have couple of things bought during this time which I would like to share. As usual I prefer the winter boots, black and whiteonline shopping. I consider that it is the best way, the most easiest and comfortable, and time and money saving way.

As it is winter coming I decided to buy stuff for winter. So please take a look and say what is your opinion about the following things I bought.

Black and White boots. I bought them at the end of August, beginning of September from Ebay. I didn’t even know that this color is going to be so in vogue at the moment. Somehow I got the right choice. Now you can see a lot of women, girls wearing this color shoes, bags and other stuff.
I haven’t worn them yet, as they are very warm, for winter time and snow. At the moment it is not that cold. I am really waiting forward to wear them. They cost about 30$.

flats, black and white I love flats. I had about 5 pairs of flats this summer. This kind of footwear is very comfortable and feminine. The problem is that they get easily torn and wasted. That’s why you have to change them like each 2 months, they don’t last more.

These one they I have ordered are really qualitative. I bought them from Overstock for about 25$. The delivery is cheap there, it was 2.5$, now it is free for USA. I wore these flats couple of times when it was warm, they are pretty comfortable. What I like about them is there color, black and white and gray.

I think this type of color is going to be also very fashionable in some time. Maybe next season. I remember my mom had a suit of this color in early 90’s.

tee, cherry, red, OLDNAVY When ordering tees and other stuff, I understood that S size for me is too big. That’s why I have to order XS. The sizes are different for USA and Europe. What is S in USA is much bigger that S in Europe. But this tee is pretty cool. I love the color.

I wasn’t expecting such a intense coral color. I loved it the most of the things I got. This Oldnavy tee makes my skin look mopre bronzed in a way. I also love the fabric that Oldnavy uses. Usually it is 60-80 % of Cotton which is very healthy. You won’t believe but the price for this tee was 12$. I love it.

There wear another 3 colors of this tee, blue, gray and some other color, but this one I think is the best choice.

tee, blue, white, OLDNAVY This is another Oldnavy tee. I love it, because it is perfect for university. I wear a blue shirt or white one under it. This tee was made from a very lite fabric, but not synthetic at all. Once again I have missed the size a little bit. But there was no my size in fact, so I took the S size.

The colors of this tee are white and a very cute lite blue.
This tee gives a very fresh look when you wear a shirt under it. Even an official one, so there is no need for a jacket. The cost of the tee was 10$, now it is 6.99 $ if I’m not wrong.

Another colors of this tee were red, orange, green, gray and others. But I just love the way the blue colors looks on me.

Sinequanone, tee This Sinequanone shirt my mother bought for me. It cost something about 20$, I don’t remember the exact price, but I love this kind of shirts. You can easily combine it with anything you want.

I prefer to wear a white tee with a neck under it when it is cold.
The color is a light violet. I think it gives a very sexy look. The skin also looks more bronzed in a way with this combination.

This is my shopping. I got some more things that I didn’t take pictures. Maybe I will post them in another post. I hope you like my shopping :) I tryed to post the things I liked, to share my tastes and give some advice of my favourite brands. If you have any questions or comments please tell me about it. :)