5 most popular diets

Beauty, Healthy December 1st, 2008

Continuing winter weight loss topic, I decided to choose and describe several types of diets. You should know how to choose the perfect diet for you, in order to maintain your health and not get anorexia, bulimia, and other disorders. This is a very delicate topic and I consider that before you decide on such serious measures, you have to consult a doctor, measure your weight, decide how much you want to lose weight and try to not make serious movements. I mean, this should be a slow process.

Fast weight loss is the desirable effect, but the method shouldn’t be very rough. You have to remember that fast weight loss should be a natural process. So there are several very popular diets at the moment:

Lemonade Diet
Scarsdale Diet
Three Day Diet
Hollywood Diet
Grapefruit Diet
Cabbage Soup Diet

If choosing one, I would choose the three day diet, because it doesn’t last long. It is based on eliminating the bad elements in couple of days, which is very quickly. It is a small stress for your body, but very useful. At the same time you shouldn’t be on it more than 3 days, as it can be harmful for your body.

I also think the Cabbage Soup Diet is also good. You can use this diet more often, as it contains a lot of vitamins, and you won’t feel hunger all the diet.

Grapefruit diet is fun. But I am not sure that you will be able to it only grapefruits all the time. Grapefruit diet is something similar to Lemonade diet, I just think that the first one is more useful, because there are more natural diet. You have to be careful and not to get ulcer for your stomach with these diets.

Diets shouldn’t last long – this is the main principle. You can be on a diet for couple of days, not more. Depends how severe is the diet.