Diane 35 represents contraceptive tablets for preventing pregnancy. It is also known as Estelle 35. It consists of 21 tablets of 35 mg of etiniloestradiol, which is a very important feminine hormone. Estrogen is the main hormone which is produced mostly during pregnancy, which prevents the second pregnancy.

This is how it happens while taking contraceptive tablets, the pregnancy hormones are produced and prevent your real pregnancy. I am sure that it will be very hard for any woman to understand all those processes, if I start to describe them now. It will be much easier if I say which are the effects and side-effect of Diane 35 (Estelle 35), if you decided to take this contraceptive.

First of all I was prescribed to take Diane 35 (Estelle 35) to reduce hormones. I passed some tests which showed that my testosterone was higher than normal, which is very spread now with girls different age. Especially those that haven’t given birth yet.

So my gynecologist said I should start taking some more serious contraceptives, and she said Diane 35 is better, as it contains 35 mg of estrogen and Lindinet 20 had only 20 mg.

Tomorrow I am going to start taking this contraceptive. I decided to read some information, some testimonials about these contraceptive tablets Diane 35 (Estelle 35), so this is what I found about them. These are the opinions of real women that were taking Diane 35 for months and years. They say the doctors prescribed them these tablets for hair removal. As they had exceeded hair growth, high testosterone, the doctors advised to take Diane 35 to reduce the level of testosterone.

Another part of women said they had skin problems, like acne. Doctors also prescribed them Diane 35 to reduce acne. They say the skin gets absolutely clean.

Others use it for preventing pregnancy – the initial purpose :)

The effects: 99% mentioned that they breasts got bigger!!! they say Diane 35 is perfect for breast enhancement. If I only new that breasts can grow from Diane 35 I would start taking them earlier.

Others say that the ugly face hair – mustaches and other hair on skin were reduced. Many women say they don’t have mustaches anymore!!! isn’t it great?

Pregnancy protection 100% if you take it the way you should according to the instruction.

Side effects: you may put on some weight, but it depends on how much you eat. If you don’t start to eat more than it will be ok, If you practice sports than you won’t put on any weight.

Here are some messages which I found on a forum:

Contraceptives should be chosen individually for each women, it depends on your body and how you feel. You should definitely consult a doctor before it. Pass some blood tests and than decide. I take Diane 35 for about 3 years and I may say there are no side effects for me.

I started to take Diane 35 for half a year. I put on some weight, which I wasn’t expected, but its just the thing that I eat more for the last couple of months. You should be careful while taking any contraceptives and shouldn’t eat much.

Gynecologist prescribed me Diane 35 against acne, so it was lie an acne treatment. Acne removed in 4 months, now I continue to take them because it is a great contraceptive measure and a very easy one. More than that my breasts got bigger with one size, which I find amazing and my boyfriend loves it. I put on about 2-3 kilos, but I think it is normal for contraceptives. It could be worse.

I had some problems with my hormones, a very high level of testosterone and my doctor said I could possibly never get pregnant. He prescribed Diane 35 and I took them for one year and got easily pregnant. Got bigger breasts and lost the face mustaches (hair) which I hated a lot.


I just love Diane 35, my menstruation doesn’t hurt anymore.