Hormone treatment

Healthy December 22nd, 2008

In my previous posts I have already spoken about the hormone problems at women. It is a very serious problem, which may cause considerable consequences if not treated. Most of the people have hormone problems due to their genetics, bad feeding, not enough physical exercises and many other reasons. But anyway this can be treated.

There are many types of hormones, but usually when you pass the blood test, the doctors search for results for 10 hormones. One of the very important one is the human growth hormone, as it controls the way we grow. If it is not providing the necessary elements the person stops growing, or if there are to much hormones the person grows very tall, which is not normal too.

This problem can be noticed from childhood, that is why there is needed an urgent growth hormone treatment. Once treated the problem doesn’t bother. But if not the person remains of the tall of a child for his entire life. This decisions should be made by specialists, serious tests and searches.