How to dye hair by yourself

Beauty December 24th, 2008

dye hair colors As Winter Holidays are approaching every woman tries hard to look better than usual. To change something in her look. I decided to go to a Solarium and to change my haircut a little bit. From all hairstyles I prefer the long hair.

This time I am going to tell you how to dye your hair. It is pretty expensive to dye hair in a beauty salon, and it is much easier and cheaper to do that at home. More than than, you can even do it yourself. All the have to do is buy a hair dye color and a brush. A long wide brush can make your work very easy, and take less time than you can imagine.

It takes about 15 maximum min to cover up all the hair with dying color. And you have to keep it on your hair for about 25-40 min, it depends on the intensity of the color that you want to obtain. If you want a darker one you have to keep it 40 min. That wash it, using the special shampoos and conditioners for colored hair.

Don’t forget to use gloves. Every dying hair color box also provides you with special, transparent gloves. They are not very comfortable to use, but they protect your skin from the dying color. Try not to leave any spots on your clothes, skin and whatever else because if it reaches some fabric, it is very hard to wash it.

dye hair colors By mixing the two things from the dying color box you get the mixture with it you are going to dye your hair. As you can see my dying color mixture was almost white at the beginning. However I took dark chocolate color. Don’t get scared by that, because it is getting darker in the following 20 min.

Once you mix them you have to start the dying. There is no need to wait. You have to take some hair and dye it, every 2-3 cm, so that you won’t miss any piece of hair.

You will get the color you want, if you choose the dying color in accordance with the catalog that you can check in the market. Each company that sells dying color makes catalogs so that you can see how your color will look in reality. Just open it and choose the color you want, than look what number it is and choose the right dying color box.

dye hair colors Different companies have different stuff in the dying color box. Besides the two main ingredients – the color and the oxidant, they almost all the time put a shampoo. Sometimes even a hair balm, conditioner or hair mask.

That is great, because when you dye your hair you need to use some high quality shampoos for colored hair. And the companies usually provide the dying hair box with high quality shampoos in accordance with the dying color.

Today I have dyed my hair in Dark Chocolate color. I found a dying color with no ammoniac, which is pretty harmful for your hair. So if you want to maintain your hair beautiful you better search for natural dying colors, with no ammoniac and create a healthy and beautiful hair styles.

Merry Christmas!!!