Jessica Simpson, fat, overweight

Jessica Simpson, fat, overwight

Jessica Simpson, fat, overweight

jessica simpson fat, overweight

You may not believe it, but this is the new Jessica Simpson and she got really HUGE. This pictures were taken not so long ago, from one of Jessica’s Live Performance.

Jessica Simpson who is only 159 cm tall (5.2 feet), probably weight something about 65 kg now. The normal weight for this height is about 50 kg. What made her gain so much weight? Is it a due to depression or some movie role? We can’t say for sure, until she makes any public statement.

Jessica Simpson’s boobs got probably bigger with one size, from D-cup to E-cup which is the size 5. She got fat all over her body. You may see the belly that comes out of her pants. The double belt is also not the right choice. In fact Jessica haven’t ever had a good taste in clothing and these leopard belts prove it. Her face and arms really show how much she had put on, I presume it is about 7-10 kg. This is a considerable overweight and such a short time.

She should stay home at least for a month until her weight gets back. Jessica Simpson doesn’t really look her best at the moment. We hope she is not sick or something. She is too young to waste her life and go down. We don’t want to see the second Britney.