Rihanna assaulted by Chris Brown, bruises Rihanna

This is really unacceptable. How could Chris Brown do something like that to the person he loved, Rihanna. I just don’t understand why men treat their women like that. What kind of man are? Do you feel strong and self-confident after that? What a shame.

In general I didn’t have this opinion when the news came out “Chris Brown assaulted Rihanna”. There were no pictures, just different statements and variants of what happened. Even Rihanna said nothing about it. So I didn’t even think that it could be that serious. I really thought that it was just a quarrel and they overreacted and why is everyone making such a big deal about it.

All the friends of Chris Brown were saying that “you never know what really happened there and who is to blame”. But how can you say that you don’t know what was the reason, when it doesn’t even matter. What matters is that Rihanna got some serious injures from that fight. According to the Criminal Law those are at least medium bodily harm and is a serious criminal violation. More than that Rihanna for sure suffered some serious moral damages, she also had to miss the Grammys or what was the next day, she canceled several concerts too.

I didn’t thought it was that serious until I saw this picture. It is awful that men allow themselves to do something like that. It is so humiliating and devastating when a person you trust, love and who should protect you does something like that. I wonder where were the security guys, it is really strange. It’s a pity that Rihanna became one of the victims of domestic violence, but once it became public I hope Rihanna will get involved in different campaigns for stopping violence against women.

I just hope she is fine. Those bruises will dissappear and she is still beautiful and nice. And Chris really did a huge mistake. He acted just like an infantile boy and didn’t think about the consequences. But he may get in jail very easy…