Is marriage what women search for? Everyone probably thinks that marriage is what every woman is searching for everyday. Especially men think that this women care much about family and marriage and that is why they feel free and don’t marry the woman they like for a long time.
I am not so sure about this theory, because there are a lot of women that I know that don’t want to get married at all.
For example those that want to build up a great career. They don’t care much about children and family. They want just to earn money and have some fun with men, occasionally.
Others are more girly. They are not grown up enough to be ready for a real family. They prefer clubs and fun.
So if a man dates a woman like that he may get a problem when he asks for marriage. As this woman won’t say “yes” to him, as she is not ready for it.
In this situation the man will feel wasted and used. Like he took the place of a normal woman at that moment.