Fitness – the best diet!

fitness February 12th, 2007

What a woman needs best is to look good. This means first of all a good body.

Fitness could help with this.

I think it is great for those women which have a normal figure, and want to loose some wight.

That is why i’ve signed in today to a fitness group and Im going to start on Wednesday. I’ll have

fitness 3 times a week. Even though i don’t have problems with my weight (im 160 cm, and 45 kg), but anyway I’ve noticed that after starting to use contraceptives I’ve put on some wight but not much, like 3,4 kg. Anyway it is noticeble. And i hate being on a diet, as everyone. The only thing that i accept is not eating after six o’clock. That why you can keep your weight or loose some kg’s.

I’ve measured myself yesterday and this is what i got.


So this Wednesday I will get started and will expose my results in future :)