My New Boots

new February 13th, 2007

The weather is very warm at the moment, it’s like in spring. And what a woman heart needs now??? Deffinetly some new stuff to buy. This is what i did today. I’ve bought some new boots, which i like a lot. They look really great and very feminine.
You can see them on the picture.
Actually, in Europe women are used to dress more feminine and more stylish, than in the United States. But it’s just my own personal opinion. I’m not sure about that. But anyway, people in US like to dress more casual, like sneakers and jeans. Also it is beceause of the fact that a big part of the population of the United States suffer from overweight problems and they don’t really get the chance to wear what they would like to. But they buy what size they need. It is often big t-shirts, and as I said jeans and sneakers.
Also about fashion, the United States are really behind. People don’t pay to much attention to it. And in a way that is very cool. It is probably because in Europe the people get more access to the fashion at that moment. Most of disigners live in Europe. And a lot of designers shows take place sure in Europe.
So, that is why girls here are looking really cool, fresh, and fashinable.
These are my sexy boots:) i love ‘em.