Passion or Love?

Relationship August 4th, 2008

It is a difficult question – what kind of men do women choose. Everyone knows that there are two kind of people, those that are great to have a passionate but short romance, and others that are great to live with for the rest of the life.

Maybe many people don’t even pay too much attention to it, but there comes a day when they understand that the person they love with so much passion is impossible to live with. There are people that are really great, they know how to have fun, they also like to have several partners and so on. But they are not good for living, because they always search for something new, or they have a very difficult personality. And when their partner understands that it may create some problems.

Some people like to live like that, without having any warranties, without thinking about tomorrow. But it is very hard to stay in that regim all the time. Many people like to live with common people, peaceful, which like to stay with their families all the time and do everything for it. These people live their lives for their families. Family is their passion. You may love a lot your partner if he is that type of person, but there are always some doughts still existing in your mind, in case you had a passionate but dramatic romance before it.

So what kind of men do women choose? I think as many other questions you can not have a general answer. Although many “active” women search for quite men, which will stay home, because they want to have stability too.

Men also mostly choose quite women. Just because it is more convinient. Even when he has someone on the side, he still doesn’t divorce, because he wants to stay with his quite nice wife.

I think there shouldn’t be any regerets if you live with a quite, stable person. You may think that you love him less than you could. But I think it is not true. When you love someone passionately, your love will be short, because it is basing only on momently emotions. And when you love someone, you may love him forever, because you chose him basing on all those aspects that you want to see in your life.

What do you think?