Do you have experience with long distance relationships? Do you think it can survive? My friend says no and i also think so.
Long distance relation ship means when your boyfriend is far away from you, but you still keep the idea of being together some day. If the term of wait is not really big, like couple of months than it’s ok. And the people can really get together again.
I think the main problem is that people being apart loose their relation, they forget how it is to be together. And after a period they start to think that they don’t need him or her anymore. Another problem can be the fact that when you are far away from your love you can notice other people, that can be your potential lovers. This situation is even more complicated than usually.
Most of the long distance relationships don’t work. I think that the period of being apart should be a small one or in other situation it won’t work.
So, if you got in such a situation, than you can be saved in some ways. For example calling each other everyday. Also communicating via internet, having a web cam can help a lot and you won’t feel the distance. This can be really amazing.