Quiche Lorraine is perhaps the most common variety. In addition to the egg and cream, it includes bacon or lardons. Cheese is not an ingredient of the original Lorraine recipe, as Julia Child informed Americans: “The classic quiche Lorraine contains heavy cream, eggs and bacon, no cheese.” though most contemporary quiche recipes include Gruyere cheese , making a quiche a la gruyere or a quiche vosgienne. The addition of onion to quiche Lorraine makes quiche alsacienne. Without eggs, an open-face onion tart with anchovies and black olives is a pissaladiere nicoise, a relative of pizza.

The word quiche is derived from the Lorrain dialect of the French language.

I found an amazing recipe of a French traditional food.It is very taste and easy to prepare. It took me about an hour, to prepare and bake it. So here are the ingredients:

1 kg of puff dough, not rolling, put this thin layer and grease it. Fold edges in order to keep all the ingredients on it. Then you have to take some chicken meat or salami and arrange it on the dough. I prefer to put firstly some tomato sous, like pizza is cooked. Then add some tomatoes and green sweet pepper. Rub a lot of cheese on it and then make an omelet from at least 6 eggs, in order to cover all the ingredients and make a stable layer from egg.

1kg of puff dough
300 gr of chicken meat, salami
2 tomatoes
1 green sweet pepper
6 eggs

This picture is my what I prepared this evening. In my opinion Quiche Lorraine is something like pizza, but a lot more tastier. My boyfriend liked it a lot.