As you can see in the pictures cellulite doesn’t really look nice. Women hate to have cellulite because it makes your skin look ugly. Everyone wants to look young and healthy, and cellulite is not healthy at all.

As I mentioned earlier in my other posts, cellulite is forming due to bad circulation of blood. That way the muscles don’t work enough to fight all that fat that is forming cellulite.

I mentioned different ways of fighting cellulite, such as diet, sport, anti-cellulite creams and gels, anti-cellulite masks. I didn’t try the anti-cellulite gels, even though I think they are very effective too, but only with massaging and sports.

Even though I am not fat at all, more than that I weight only 43-44 kg. I still have to fight cellulite, because I am a young woman and I also start to have this problem. I hate cellulite and I try to do some sports any time I can. It is not always possible, but anyway.

So this time I will tell you how to fight cellulite in a new way. I started running. And I was not even waiting for such a result.