For the last two years the situation with weightless had changed a lot. Many celebrities show really bad examples. They were looking really nice, but something made them loose a lot of their kilos, which made them look awful.
For example Nicole Richie. She was so cute in “Simple life”. What happened to her? Who told her to loose weight?

Another cute girl that became skinny is Hilary Duff. She had some kilos too much, bad she didn’t have to loose so much weight. Now she looks bad.

Also as a bad example for young ladies can server Jessica Simpson and her sister Ashlee. But Ashlee, besides loosing weight also did a nose surgery

Ashlee was really individual and had a special style. But now she’s just like everybody. Who needed that?

Lindsey Lohan does many things wrong. And she is definitely looking to capture everyone’s attention, but that is too much. What did she do to herself? Did her mother see that?

And Now look at the perfect bodies of Nicole Sherzinger And Rihanna. They are one of the most beautiful women, and they are not skinny at all. There is no need for them to be skinny.