Here is a recipe of curd rolls with photos. This is my own recipe. I made it up myself, because I like to bake and cook a lot, and I do that each weekend. This weekend I did this wonderful cheese rolls. Check out the pictures and tell me what do you think about it.

The preparing of dough is very easy. Take one or two eggs and mix them. Then take 200 gr of margarine and add it to the eggs. Add salt and 500 gr of flour. Mix everything and add milk or water. This is how the dough is prepared.

Then roll it until it becomes very thin add some oil on it, and put the curd as it is shown in the picture.

Then try to make it look like that) also shown in the picture. This form is very cute and nice looking.

Then mix an egg in a plate and smear it on the roll. This will make it ruddy.
This is how it looks after 25 min. They have to be soft. Don’t keep them too much time in the oven. Always check them, how they are doing there))

And the final product. A lot of rolls) They are so tasty if only you could taste them.