Cooking, food, Lasagna December 8th, 2007

My own lasagna! I made it for the first time in my life. I’ve seen the Lasagna noodles in the super market, and thought “why wouldn’t I try to prepare lasagna”. It is very tasty, but hard to create. There thousands of recipes of Lasagna, I used a classic one.

I bought the Lasagna noodles, some force meat, mushrooms, onions, cream, tomatoes, paste of tomatoes, cheese.

You have to make two souses. I made a red one and a white one.
The red sous was made of fried force meat with tomatoes, paste of tomatoes and a lot of spices. Especially pepper, black and red.

The second sous was the white one. I chopped the mushrooms and fried them with onions. Than when they were ready I’ve added some cream, and here it is the white sous. Also added some spices, like salt, garlic.

The principle of Lasagna is to put the souses on the Lasagna noodles, one, than the other one.
You take one slice, put one sous, than cover with other slice of Lasagna and put the other sous.
There should be like 6-7 Lasagna noodles.
Put in the oven for 40-50 min. And then it is ready. Check out the pictures.