new February 5th, 2008

When it goes about traveling, the best region for me is Europe. I, personally like it more than anything else. What is the best place to travel in Europe? I went to many countries, like Greece, Italy, Austria. My friend Jeny went last summer to Spain, and she was very happy with it. She visited many cities and was very delighted by what she saw there.
I remember she was talking about Costa Brava, which is situated in the Northen part of Spain. She really liked the nature there. Jeny said it didn’t cost her a lot the flight to Spain, and also the hotel room. She was even amazed by the offers. She liked a lot the seaside at Tossa de Mar, and obtained a beautiful bronzed skin.
Jeny also had the opportunity to check out the Mediterranean Sea. Because than she went to Costa del Sol, which is about 150 km from Costa Brava. She said the tourism is very well developed there and a lot of people from around the world come to see those beautiful places.
Jeny heard about a lovely place called Benidorm, which is adored by her British friends. They like to spend their holidays there. She sustains that the best party is there. There are the best clubs and the night life in Benidorm never stops.
I’m sure Jeny had a lot of fun in Spain. That is why next summer I’m going with her.
Have you ever been to Spain? please tell me your stories.