Stop being drug addicted…

health February 18th, 2008

Continuing the rehab theme, I wanted to mention that it takes a lot to stay strong and stay away from using drugs or drinking alcohol. I know a lot of people, of my friends that have such bad habits. They don’t really care about themselves, about their health and their future. And they get into the police office sometimes because of their illegal behavior. Yes it is illegal to be drug addicted, but you can ask for help when you know that you need it and can’t manage it by yourself.
Not much of the people I know went for a drug rehab, but those that did it are healthy now, because they went through a drug detox, which stopped their addiction. I think every alcoholic should pass a alcohol treatment in order to become normal, get back to life, and start all over again his life.
People must understand that a healthy life is the most important. Health brings happiness and love. And if you have problems with cocaine, other drugs go and get a treatment and save your life. Because only healthy life brings happiness to you and people around you. Drugs and alcohol destroy your life, the kill your future and a lot of people don’t see the reason to live anymore. This is wrong because they waste their lives on stupid things. They should get a treatment a start everything from a blank page.