new February 25th, 2008

I was searching these days for some new program which could help me earn some money. There are a lot of websites which sustain to offer the best conditions, but a lot of them just lie. And it is very hard to find some one who would be fair and pay fair money for the work you do for them. So I was searching for couple of hours and found out about Smorty. This is a program for advertisers which can advertise on blogs their products, which are described by the publishers and they get money for that.
This is very easy for both sides. The advertisers don’t waste time to find the perfect place for advertising, but just request for someone to completing the offer. There is no need to write any text, and think a lot about it. This is the work of the bloggers, which having a good blog can use it to earn some money.
I just started to work with Smorty. I think it opens a lot of new chances for people like me, who can write and have time for it. I’m sure I will write a lot for Smorty and earn a lot of money. That is why Smorty invites all the people that want and like to work. The payments are realized via paypal, which is very easy.
So when searching for some program, it is very hard to find a fair one, which pays real money. But Smorty is the right one.