Dove company appeared in 1956, when they invented for the first time a soap with cream. That was a great success because it was 1/4 from cream and was very gentle with skin. Mainly it was created from painful skin burns, but it became very popular. Than during the clinical tests it was proven that Dove soap is really kind to a woman’s skin and makes it much better, even a very dry skin.

In general I love the Dove cosmetics and use it very often. For example I had an entire Dove cosmetics Collection. I had a shower gel, a shampoo, body lotion, soap, antiperspirant. Now I am using their Summer Glow Body Lotion for dark skin. I really love it, because it gives a natural look, comparing to other lotions which make you look unaturally with its orange color. But this one is really nice.

In general I noticed that Dove is very gentle with your skin. Besides that I love the smell of Dove cosmetics, I think they did the right choice of picking this smell.

Have you tried the latest green collection of Dove? The body lotion and the shower gel? I just love it. Amazing smell, after taking a shower you can feel this smell for hours.

So this is my experience about Dove:) What do you think?