As it was 8th of March yesterday, the international women’s day, the boys from our college group had invited us to a party they organized for us. We want to a pub and had a lot of fun there.
One thing that was not ok, was the smoking. Everyone around me was smoking, and as I’m not smoking for 2 years this wasn’t pleasant for me. i hate the smell of cigarettes now. It was hard to drop, but I did it, and now I feel very well.
Now the only problem, is that when you sit somewhere were is full of cigarette smoke, than all your clothes and hair than smells like that too. This is awful, I hate that. But at the same time it is hard to keep yourself from smoking for some hours.
I advice my friends to drop smoking, and I heard there are some products which can help. I’ve searched on the internet and found some. Here they are Stop Smoking patch and Stop smoking