I’ve wanted to create this idea for a long time. As i mentioned earlier in my posts, I’m a person which likes healthy food. In general I try to live a healthy life, do physical excersices, don’t eat fat food, don’t smoke or drink etc.
That is why a took a picture of my “shopping cart” after me and my boyfriend came from the market. Now you have the opportunity see what other people usually prefer to buy :)
I would also like to mention that we both felt this month that we don’t want to eat meat anymore. So we try to buy it rarely. We prefer eating fish or not eating any meat at all. And we never eat fat food, both hate it. I was sick in the childhood, and was keeping a diet, now I’m just not used to fat food.
So what can you see in the picture)
o-zone friendly hairspray :)

what about your shopping carts?))) I would like to hear some opinions)