As it is spring now, most of the women know what happens to the hair in spring. It is exhausted after a long and cold winter. And even eating a lot of vitamins may not always help. But you still want you hair to look nice and the best. which is hard to match in such a time. I have noticed that my hair is very dry after winter.
The hair is actually very weak, with lack of vitamins, no power in it, and it urgently needs some help. You may try to eat some vitamins, but my advice is to treat the hair directly. For example I used to do hair masks different types. I was buying them, but you can try to make a homemade mask.
For example my friend from university, told me a recipe of a hair mask. You have to take a black bread, and put it into a bowl with some water. Keep so for 10 min, than put it all over you hair, and keep so for at least 30 minutes. I know it sounds a little bit grouse, but it really works. The bread has a lot of vitamins, and the hair gets power after such a mask. She says it is the best mask for her blond dyed thousand times hair.
Another advice could be the olive oil. Which is very nice for everything, also for dry skin and so on. You can try such a mask.
Besides that I decided to change my hair balms. I bought two types of hair conditioner. One for me and one for my mother. The first was made of goats milk, and the second has a green color was made of ginseng. So besides the mask you should pay attention to hair conditioner.

If you have some other advice, please tell me. I Would like to know about the best recipes of hair treatment.