A lot of people come to my blog by searching recipes of Fruit Masks. I know couple of recipes, but they take some time to prepare. That’s why I prefer to buy already done fruit masks.
As my skin is a grease one type, I have to use masks which dry it a little bit and also which clean it.
Natural masks in general are the best, because as I mentioned earlier what is natural is only good for your health and skin.
Firstly when choosing a fruit mask you should always remember that it should contain vitamins. Every skin needs vitamins especially in spring. Vitamins can be in citruses like oranges, mandarins etc. Also cucumbers are used for calming your skin. It calms down your skin, after you take of the make up. Another advice, if you want to whiten your skin, try th lemon. This definitely will make it more white.
If you have a dry skin try olive oil and honey. This will make your skin feel very healthy.
Fruit masks a very good for young skin. And till there is no need for you to lift up anything, you can use the natural skin fruit masks.
Here are some types of fruit masks that I found.

Another types of fruit masks