When baking some cookies or a pie I like to use some glaze, or some things which will make it look nicer and more attractive. For example for some cherry or apple pie I like to use chocolate glaze, that way it is really looking great. Even for cookies chocolate glaze is good, but not always comfortable to do that, because you get dirty from it. Well an idea could be the Jelly Beans candy, which I like to put on my cookies. For example when you make a figure of a man and you can put jelly beans candy instead of eyes or something.
I also thing they are fun to eat in general, just to keep them in your bag for any situation. I think jelly beans candy really create a good mood when eating them. I like them because they are colorful, and different types and can serve as nice surprise.
Every time when I enter my room I like to see a plate with this candy on my table, because they keep me in the good mood.
So also I used Bulk Jelly Beans candy for decorating the cookies, and they became very nice looking being decorated in that way.