I have mentioned couple of times that I love everything about healthy food, health, fitness, being in a good shape. So every method and advice is welcome. I like to search for new recipes, which help to treat hair loss for example, or skin masks from different ingredients. I think everyone knows at least one recipe for skin. For example trying new products for your hair – some doctors say it is necessary, others say you should use only one type of shampoo permanently.
when shopping for some products for skin care, I like to watch good qualified catalog’s, which can inform me about the product. This is the problem, you don’t always find a fair shop assistant which can help you, he is just interested to sell the product. I prefer to use the advice of my friends, to use something they already tried, in order to prevent allergies and other side effects. Here is a type of catalog which I like, because it contains a lot of information on every time of thing.
It is very well organized into sections and categories, so that you will never get lost in it. Whether you need skin care products or hair treatment products or anything else. If you know some other smart catalogs please leave me the link so that i could see it. I think anyone can advise. :)