Cellulite – is a punishment, no woman in the world is safe from it. No matter how sad it is to accept, but the connective tissue among women is more soft and loose structure than that of the representatives of a strong gender. Therefore, men can pursue whatever way of life and not even suspect the existence of the phenomenon of cellulite. For Women in order to avoid this attack, it is necessary to very carefully monitor each other and in time to remedy hated cellulite.

False belief that cellulite and fat – is the same thing. Skinnies are suffering from cellulitis, the truth a bit less often. There are many reasons for the appearance of cellulite , but the main one is: sedentary lifestyle, pregnancy, caffeine, wrong posture, damaged veins, too fat food, unhealthy diet, smoking, stress, intimate apparel.
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At first, you can not even imagine the existence of cellulite. The only hint could be considered a slow healing bruises and cuts. However, few pay attention to this. Then, over time, will appear bruises lightning, with just a finger mark. If skin became denser than usual, it means that cellulite is not dormant. At the third stage of a so-called “orange crust effect.” If the brightest visible through the skin vascular toothpaste, bruises months, and appeared on the skin thickening and tubercles note – cellulite in the prime of full and you have to make a huge effort to get rid of him.
If you are not afraid, you should not do without physical education. This not only helps burn fat and train muscles, but also improve blood circulation. And it has, in turn, contributes to the removal of slag, which occurs further deposition of fat and turn it into cellulite. But we must be cautious with such sports as fast running, tennis, volleyball – too much pressure on the vein. Better stop for a quick walking and swimming.

Once a week, take a bath with a few of these funds for cellulite reduction: ivy extracts, capsules, seaweed. It is also very useful contrast shower – and preferably morning and evening, with the amplitude of temperature can be gradually increased. Massage stiff brush or special massage excellent help promoting blood circulation. His lodge after bath, and then cause cellulite cream or gel. Also once a week to do massage with scrab means cellulite reduction – it can be scrub, sugar, coffee and other.