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new April 15th, 2008

As a blogger which is writing posts almost every day for me it is very important to have permanent readers. That is why I try to keep the main theme in the same direction, to post new stuff, news, advice and so on. I hope that for a year of existence of my blog there are permanent readers now, at least I hope so. And as my blog is visited by more than 100 people per day, I believe that they find at least anything interesting in my blog.
So now I found a service, which is called Zacooda, which helps to keep my readers stay close to my blog. This ser vice gives the possibility to keep in touch with them, by emailing them daily, weekly or monthly the summary of my posts, so that they can get interested in what I write about, and come and visit my blog again. It manages my email subscribers, and they stay informed all the time. That way I increased the number of visitors of my blog up to 150 per day. This is very easy to use and has a lot of options, like you can check out the reports of unsubscribe, clicks etc. The newsletters are also are arranged to your blog design, so that it will look similar, and the person will remind himself of your blog once he sees the email.
I have noticed that people become used to some websites, once they like it, they use to visit it every time they access the internet. So once they like your blog, they will start to visit it every day, and plus if you keep them informed about what your doing. Because normally, popular blogs are those that are renewed daily.

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