Easter Holidays

new April 25th, 2008

Ancient Christian church festival – The Light of Christ Sunday – Easter – has been installed and is already celebrated in the apostolic time. The ancient church under the name Easter connecting two memoirs – the suffering and resurrection of Christ and dedicating its celebration of the days before Sunday and follow him. To indicate to both parts of the holiday special name used – Easter suffering, or Christian Easter and Easter Resurrection. The word “Easter” comes from the Greek language and means “deliverance”, a celebration of Christ’s Resurrection marks the passage from death to life and from earth to sky. In the first centuries of Christianity were not universally celebrated Easter at the same time. At East, celebrated its 14 – Day nisana (in our account March – April), at whatever day or week, that number accounted for. The Western church committed her on the first Sunday after the spring full moon. Attempting to establish harmony among churches in this regard was made at a holy Polikarpe, Bishop Smirnskom, II in mid-century. I Ecumenical Cathedral 325 years to celebrate Easter universally identified at the same time. Cathedral definition of Easter came before us. From time apostolic church commits an Easter worship at night. Like the ancient people elected, to stay awake on the night of his getting rid of Egyptian slavery, and Christians in the holy awaking and saving night Shining resurrection of Christ. The priest removes Plaschanitsa with the coffin, making it into the altar through King’s Gate and puts to the throne, where it remains forty days, until the Lord’s Ascension. Religious procession committed in the Easter night – is a march toward the Church of the risen Savior. Religious procession takes place around the temple in continuous bell tolls. In the bright, mighty, majestic form, while singing “Your Sunday, Spase Christ, angels sing in heaven, and for us to manage to land a clean heart great Thee”. Bypassed around the church, religious procession stopped in front of closed doors as if the altar at the entrance to the Sepulchre. And distributed cheerful tidings: “Christ is resurrected from the dead, the death of death and significant amendments in the stomach grant”. The book shows the door – and the entire holy solemnly entering a shining temple. It starts singing the Easter canon.