How to eat pasta and not to get fat?
This is a huge problem for modern women and not only. A lot of people like to eat pasta, because there are so many varieties of recipes, like tomatoes sous for pasta, cheese, meat sous, mushrooms, vegetable sous and many many others.
Pasta in general is pretty healthy and contains a lot of good ingredients and other substances which are good for your body. But only real high quality pasta is good. Everyone is wondering how italians eat pasta at least once a day, and they don’t get fat from it.
Not long ago i found a secret. First I would like to mention that when I eat real Italian Pasta it tastes differently, than our local made pasta. so the secret is that they eat dry pasta (durum). Is made from hard class flour, dry pasta can only be made from durum wheat semolina flour. This is not first class flour. You can make the difference by just looking at pasta. The durum class pasta is darker, more yellow, and the first class flour is lighter, it is a light yellow color.
So why is this pasta so much better than first class pasta? The durum class pasta is better received by your stomach, it is not so heavy, and the stomach works it much better.