Dry skin is very gentle. It is necessary to care of it, even sometimes to indulge it. Nevertheless, the motto for daily leaving such: it is less better, yes it is better. Because the dry skin not only is sensitive to neglect, but also does not love, that it overloaded with means of leaving or too often stuffed with new preparations. The small, precisely picked up program consistently spent every day, will approach a dry leather is better. Practically it means: to clear skin in the Evening, is better soft milk which contains, besides everything, calming and nutrients. (it is possible to apply also cleaning creams, oils specially to a dry sensitive leather.) Cosmetic milk it is dissolved in water, therefore it can be washed off simply warm water from under the crane. If water very rigid at a dry skin it is recommended to moisten after washing a wadded tampon with scented water for the person (nonalcoholic) and cautiously to wipe a leather. Otherwise the rests of salts will dry a leather. Then it is necessary to put the night cream rich with fats and humidifying substances. If the skin is especial poorer a moisture, under a night cream it is possible to impose purely humidifying means, for example, hydrogen. It is enough to freshen a dry skin warm water in the morning and-or again to use scented water for the person. After that to put a day time cream, easy on a consistence, but under the maintenance rich, that is incorporating oils and humidifying substances. Besides it, the day time cream should contain optical filters which will protect a leather from light aging.