Heart problems

new June 18th, 2008

Nowadays because of many reasons, more and more people start having hart problems. I tried to put them all together so here they are: saturated fat food, less physical exercises, smoking, genetically disposed. All these gathering all together can easily bring to a heart attack. It is believed that man have heart problems more often that women. But nowadays a lot of women smoke too, and also suffer from heart problems.
Women that smoke a more probably to give birth to a sick child. The children can also suffer from mitral valve problems and often need surgeries. Every year thousands of mitral valve surgeries are done. And all because of bad health of the parents and especially mother. Some times it is a need of the mitral valve replacement, due to bad genetics.
So if a woman wants to have a healthy child she needs to treat herself, her body very careful. To be responsible for everything she does, especially when being already pregnant. A woman shouldn’t smoke during pregnancy or use other substances, because this can be transmitted to her child.