Herpes is a serious problem, and millions of people suffer from it everyday. The main problem is that you can’t really cure herpes once and forever. Even though it is possible to cure it, it is not always possible for each person. Once you got herpes you will be living with it forever.
Herpes represent some skin pimples which appear on your body. Herpes can be different types, like: oral herpes, genital herpes, vaginal herpes etc. Herpes is easily transmitted by a skin contact. When a person has herpes and you can see that you should have any contacts with that person. Because Herpes is transmitted when it is active, when there appear pimples on skin.
A lot of people suffer from oral pimples: the symptoms of oral herpes are high temperature, scratchy pimples on lips which irritate your skin.
Genital herpes is even more severe because it may bring an infection to your body. You shouldn’t have sex with a person which has genital herpes without protection.
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